My Next Steps

My Next Steps is our flagship programme; it’s designed to better support children through the transitional phase from primary to secondary school.

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The aim is to offer practical support in navigating this often daunting next step, whilst identifying and supporting the most vulnerable and at-risk individuals.

There are elements of the programme that engage both parents and teachers, increasing our ability to identify those who need additional support.

Once the needs of the programme participants are identified and understood, we can effectively communicate this to the recipient school.

This results in young people with complex needs being given the support they require to succeed.

Teachers & Parents

Parents & Teachers

Parents and teachers, we want to hear from you... What do you think are the biggest challenges when considering the transition from primary to secondary school?


    Inspirational Development Group

    A key element to our programme delivery is our partnership with Inspirational Development Group (IDG).

    Assessment Tools

    We have worked together to develop bespoke tools to measure the progress of our work. The language and style of any assessment tool needed to be appropriate for the age of the children we work with.

    Impact Measurement

    These tools will help us measure the impact of our programme and develop a plan to better support young people in more schools.